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      Huntley Preschool   
           There's a seed in every child ready to blossom



Huntley Preschool on Broadlawn
  Ages 2 to 5
Address:  3863 Broadlawn Drive, Studio City, CA 90068
Phone: 323-882-6032 

Huntley Preschool on Alfred
Ages 2 to 5
Address:  803 North Alfred Street, West Hollywood, CA 90069
Phone: 323-782-0909

Huntley Preschool Philosophy

It is our feeling that children's emotional growth and development is strengthened when they are exposed to a stimulating environment and given the opportunity to learn through play.  Academic skills are gradually integrated into our program as the developing child begins to feel comfortable with who he/she is as an individual as well as in relationship to others.

From birth, children are active learners. They accumulate various experiences and integrate them into what becomes their own experiential understanding of themselves to the rest of the world.  Each opportunity of hands-on understanding challenges them to formulate their own realizations and reinforces, not only each child's sense of autonomy, but a sense of achievement as well.

Our program is designed to implement individual and group activities that enrich physical, cognitive, social and emotional growth. These include well-equipped outdoor areas as well as a wide variety of learning materials that playfully introduce science, literature, math and music. There is also creative art and dramatic play throughout the day.

Each child is unique and has very individual needs. Our staff seeks to provide a safe and nurturing environment. Children are empowered to use their words to express themselves about their joys and frustrations as well as interpersonal relationships. This is achieved through positive guidance and an emphasis on self-discipline.

Families are important. We encourage parent involvement and believe that working together as a team creates a consistent environment where children thrive at home as well as at school. Quarterly meetings and scheduled events will allow parents to actively participate in their child's preschool experience. Our school truly feels that the years spent at preschool enables children of every culture, race and ethnical background to build their blocks.


Huntley Preschool is also part of the following associations:

WEHO Chamber

Children's Round Table

WEHO Book Fair 2005-2009

Friends of Rosewood

MCC Kids Club

Fun Stuff

Weekly Dance and Movement Classes with Penny Lane Dance Academy and Yoga with Urban Lily  

Weekly Music Appreciation Classes with DoReMi Music Group


Yearly Art Auction Fund-Raiser " The Artist "Our Students" 


West Hollywood Book-fair

We provide story telling and have a small animal farm each year at the West Hollywood Book-fair.

Tori and Dean Show

See Huntley Preschool on the Tori and Dean Show